Values in Crisis

Share a challenge and how staying true to your values helped overcome it.
Prompt: “In times of crisis, how do your values steer you?”

**Check out the example below to get an idea, but it’s your real-world experiences that will truly engage your audience. Use the example as a starting point, then tell your own story—one that’s genuine and showcases the values of your brand.


In the face of a tough deadline and unexpected issues, our team’s dedication to improvement and trust in each other’s expertise made all the difference. Instead of panicking, we adjusted our goals to be more realistic and communicated openly about the challenges we were facing.

We worked together, respecting each other’s input and making sure work didn’t consume our lives.

We held onto our principles, ensuring our professional standards never slipped.

In the end, sticking to our values not only got us through the crisis but also strengthened our teamwork.

What role have your values played during difficult times?


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