Value in Reports

Post Intention:
This post is to show your clients your value as an operations consultant in their business, and you show this through the various reports that you can provide to them.

Starter Copy:
Business owners,

You have followed your passion, created a great team, and reached profitability- but now you need help to sustain this level of success. You not only need someone to take care of the day to day operations, but support in optimizing all of the different areas of business where these daily duties lie.

Having this level of support will ensure that your business can keep running smoothly and efficiently so you can focus on the big picture.


How can you measure the support you are receiving?
How can you be sure that your hire is effectively auditing your business and creating an action plan for success?

You can be sure through the reports your support team is providing you!

Your consultant should be reviewing your financials, tech stack, client and team experience, and more, in order to identify opportunities for improvement and growth. They should provide you with a prioritized list of recommendations based on their findings.

Send Off:
Non-promotional (perhaps in a group or if you don’t want a direct call to action):
Do you receive a report from your consultant or support team? If so, how often and what do they normally include in the report?

Promotional (posting to your page, group, or profile; direct, promotional call to action):
Here at [Your Company], we understand how difficult it can be to plan and map out your business’s success. This is why we offer a comprehensive business planning service that produces a report for each department in your business. This report will help you identify your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats so that you can make more informed decisions about the future of your business.

Hashtag Options:

#businessreports #businessconsultant #operationalexcellence

Photo Suggestions:
Pictures of reports, checklists
Picture of people communicating positively

Story Suggestions:
Ask your followers for their insight. Ask them if they would like to have a weekly/monthly report from their consultant and what they would like it to include.

Note: Be sure to insert into the copy any specific offer/promotion/resource that you have in your business pertaining to this topic (i.e masterclass, freebie, live training, service/product. Make the copy more unique to you and how you can support your current and prospective clients!

If you would like to make a working copy of this content in Google Sheets where you can make edits in your own document, feel free to use this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XgpjDnsZkn3swgfGAQ8qY9Af55q6A5cv63fwFKiCrm8/copy

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