Understanding Customer Journey Mapping

I’m an operations consultant and I help businesses make things run smoothly.

A big part of my job involves something called Customer Journey Mapping.

Let’s break it down.


What’s Customer Journey Mapping?

It’s a fancy name for a simple idea: drawing out the steps your customers go through when they interact with your business.

This map shows what your customers do, what they like, and where they might get frustrated.


Why Does It Matter?

Understanding your customer’s journey helps us make their experience better.

We can see where problems might be and come up with ways to fix them.

We can also find chances to impress your customers and keep them coming back.


How I Help With This:

  1. Knowing Your Customers: First, we need to know who your customers are. We figure out their likes, dislikes, and what they want from your business.
  2. Spotting Interactions: Next, we look at where and how your customers interact with your business. This could be visiting your website, getting an email from you, or talking to your customer service.
  3. Drawing the Map: With this information, I help draw a map that shows your customer’s journey. This shows their experience at each step.
  4. Finding Issues and Opportunities: This map helps us find areas where customers might be having trouble. It also shows us chances to wow your customers and make them feel special.
  5. Using Tech to Make Things Better: Here’s where I come in with my tech know-how. We can use things like automated emails, smart computer programs (chatbots), and other tools to make the journey better for your customers.
  6. Keep Improving: The journey map isn’t set in stone. We keep updating it and using it to find more ways to improve.


In a nutshell, by using Customer Journey Mapping and tech, we can make your business run smoother and keep your customers happier.

If that sounds like something you want, get in touch with me.

We can work together to make your customer’s experience better.

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