Selling Products and Services Through Webinars: Do’s and Don’ts

Ah, selling during webinars! It reminds me of those intriguing marketplaces I’d wander into during my travels – a delightful mix of colorful goods, compelling stories, and the warm, persuasive calls of the vendors. But remember, while a physical market may bear the clamor and haste, a webinar is a different story.

Here are some do’s and don’ts.

✅Do remember that webinars are about providing value, first and foremost. The moment I stepped into a market in Qatar, I was welcomed by a vendor offering a taste of exotic spices. He didn’t immediately try to sell me his wares; he offered me a new experience. Similarly, provide your audience with rich, valuable content before presenting your product or service.

❌Don’t let your webinar become a sales pitch. Have you ever walked away from a vendor who was more interested in emptying his wares into your bag than understanding what you were looking for? That’s how your audience will feel if you focus solely on selling.

✅Do weave your product or service naturally into your webinar. Just as a spice vendor might share a recipe that, oh so conveniently, includes his spices, show how your product or service fits seamlessly into the content you’re delivering.

❌Don’t forget the power of storytelling. We all love a good story – be it from a vendor who tells how a rug was handwoven by artisans from a distant village, or a presenter who shares a success story about how their service solved a problem.

✅And finally, do build trust and establish a connection. People don’t just buy products or services; they invest in relationships and beliefs. Just as I returned to the vendor who welcomed me warmly into his spice world, your audience is more likely to buy from you if they feel a connection.

With the right approach, you can lead with grace and confidence, leaving your audience with not just a product or service, but a memorable experience.

Need help?  I am taking on one client this month to help launch your next webinar.  Send me a message to get started.

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