Retention Review

Post Intention:
This post is to focus on employee and client retention in your business. We often focus on sales and marketing, but ensuring our client experience is excellent and upselling our current clients reduces operating costs and improves your customer service processes.

Starter Copy:
Have you considered your retention rates within your business? As you review your end of the year records, take a look at your employee retention rate as well as your client retention rate.

When an employee leaves, you lose the time and money you invested in hiring, recruiting, onboarding, and training that person. You also have to pay all of those costs again to bring on a replacement.

Additionally, employee churn can have a negative effect on workplace morale, which in turn, takes a toll on productivity. Seeing coworkers get fired or leave for other opportunities can be stressful for those who remain behind and have to pick up the slack until a replacement is hired.

Now think about your client roster. Making sure your existing clients are happy and satisfied with your services is vital. This improves your customer retention rate. If the experience of your clients are positive, they are likely to continue purchasing your products and services, which reduces customer acquisition costs.

Send Off:
Non-promotional (perhaps in a group or if you don’t want a direct call to action):
A year-end review is the perfect time to study your retention rate so you can safeguard anything worth keeping. Do you think your employee or client retention rate is high in your business? Why or why not?

Promotional (posting to your page, group, or profile; direct, promotional call to action):
At [Your Company] we believe that excellent operational efficiencies are key to retaining both your employees and clients. If you’re concerned about your retention rate, we can help you review your current situation and implement tactics that will increase retention in your business. Contact us today to get started.

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#clientretention #employeeretention #customerretention #businessplanning

Photo Suggestions:
Use a picture of your team, or stock photos of a team.
A picture of two people in conversation in a business setting would be appropriate

Story Suggestions:
A poll asking your audience if they consider employee retention or client retention strategies would be informative as this may be an underestimated strategy. Reach out to anyone who responds to your poll.

Note: Be sure to insert into the copy any specific offer/promotion/resource that you have in your business pertaining to this topic (i.e masterclass, freebie, live training, service/product. Make the copy more unique to you and how you can support your current and prospective clients!

If you would like to make a working copy of this content in Google Sheets where you can make edits in your own document, feel free to use this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XgpjDnsZkn3swgfGAQ8qY9Af55q6A5cv63fwFKiCrm8/copy

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