Instagram Webinar Promotions


Introducing Instagram Webinar Promotions, a digital Canva template pack that helps you promote your upcoming webinars on Instagram (or Facebook). Perfect for trainers, educators, coaches, and businesses, this template pack is designed to increase awareness and drive registration for your webinars.

Featuring fully editable and customizable elements, the template pack includes 20 unique Instagram post templates that are easy to use and can be customized to fit your brand. No Pro version of Canva is needed.

In this package, you will get:

  • 1 Canva template file with 20 templates
  • 1 Instructional PDF
  • Canva Basics “How To” Guide

The instructions to use the template are simple:

  1. Purchase and download the template pack
  2. Open the template in Canva
  3. Customize the template with your desired images, text, fonts, and colors
  4. Share the posts on your Instagram feed to promote your upcoming webinars.


With Instagram Webinar Promotions, you can easily create professional-looking posts that will help you increase awareness and drive registration for your webinars. Get the 20 Instagram Webinar Promotions template pack today and start boosting your social media presence!