Get Clients and Make Money with your Content

A 14-Day Challenge for Operators or Marketers

For Your Operations Business

Easy To Follow,
Copy And Paste Framework

Imagine your social platforms are consistently full with industry specific content, and content that tells your story.  

Imagine saving money by optimizing organic traffic.

In a pay-to-play social world, you can save yourself ad spend, knowing that someone is going to double-check your feed in these days of internet sleuthing.

You can now focus on building relationshipsthe relationships that drive sales.

And as you are making those connections and networking, your content is the constant– verifying what you said is true while they make their decision to partner with you.

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Proven, scalable & repeatable system

Get ready to start making money with your content by following this tried-and-true process for attracting high-paying clients. 

With this easy-to-use framework, simply copy and paste the provided content and watch as clients come to you!

How This WOrks

Join the 14-day content bootcamp for accountability, visibility, and client acquisition.  You’ll have people reaching out to you to learn more about your offers.  All you have to do is show up!

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Join The 14 Day Challenge

You’ll get access the content framework and accountability and support on each of your posts.

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Copy and Paste Industry Content

Each day, follow the content and directions.  This is the time to show up and showcase your expertise!

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Post Tracking and Outreach System

This is the real secret to success.  Learn how to use your posts to create connections (and sales) with your audience.

You Might Be Wondering...

Yes! If you show up on social media everyday and follow the framework, it is 100% possible!  

I’ve created this in Trello and an accompanying CSV file that you can use to input into your own project management system.

This is truly copy and paste content.  That being said, I will always encourage you to make this content into your own voice or change for specifics around your business.  However, I’ve done all of the research, brainstorming, and copywriting for you.  This industry specific content is ready to go!

Each bootcamp will be focused around a theme in the operations industry with a different focus each week. We will invite our audience to analyze different realms of their business, their objections, raise some eyebrows, give amazing value around our expertise, and sell to our audience!

Get Clients and Make Money with your Content: A 14 Day Challenge for Operators and Marketers Includes...

Get the content for the crazy, low price of $27!

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Hi. I’m Alexis.

I’ve been writing content and creating marketing plans, and I bring a wealth of expertise from the operations side of business. 

This repeatable and scalable content plan system is what you have been looking for to bring clients to you!

I’ve served 7-8 figure CEOs by creating and repurposing their content strategically into their social ecosystems (some who have been with me for years…which must mean I am doing something right).

When you learn the formula for creating content about yourself and your business, it doesn’t matter what the market is doing.  You’ll show up and attract people who are interested in YOU!  

I can’t wait for you to show up online, have people take notice of your offers, and start making money with your content! 

You’ll find your people, and they will find you.

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