Mastering Discovery Calls: Questions to Ensure a Perfect Client Match

When heading into a discovery call with a potential client, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one being evaluated. However, it’s important to remember that this is a two-way interview. While the client is assessing your capabilities and fit for their project, you are also evaluating whether they align with your values, respect your expertise, and meet the criteria for a fruitful working relationship.

The following questions are designed to help you navigate this dual evaluation process. They will guide you in uncovering the client’s values, expectations, and the way they work, while also giving you insight into their commitment to collaboration and the project’s practicalities like budget and timelines. By the end of the call, you should have a clear picture of whether this potential client is someone you can see yourself working with—not just on a single project, but potentially as part of a long-term professional relationship.

Identify Core Values

  • Question: What are your core values as a company, and how do they reflect in the content you wish to create?
  • Purpose: Ensures alignment of values and pride in the content you create.

Reflect on Past Collaborations

  • Question: Can you describe a successful past collaboration with a content creator? What made it work well?
  • Purpose: Reveals their expectations and what they value in partnerships.

Collaboration Style

  • Question: How do you typically work with content creators? Do you have a preferred process or method of collaboration?
  • Purpose: Helps assess compatibility in work style and collaboration preferences.

Openness to Ideas

  • Question: Are you open to new and possibly challenging ideas if they align with your goals and audience needs?
  • Purpose: Gauges their openness to your expertise and innovative approaches.

Role Expectations

  • Question: What are your expectations for my role in strategy and execution?
  • Purpose: Clarifies the level of autonomy and input they expect from you.

Content Objectives

  • Question: What are the main objectives you want to achieve with your content?
  • Purpose: Aligns their goals with your capabilities.

Understanding the Audience

  • Question: Who is your target audience, and what kind of content resonates with them?
  • Purpose: Ensures the content will be relevant and engaging.

Project Timeline

  • Question: What is your timeline for seeing results from the content?
  • Purpose: Sets realistic expectations and aligns strategy.

Budget Considerations

  • Question: Have you set aside a budget for content creation, and if so, what is the range?
  • Purpose: Ensures financial clarity and project feasibility.

Success Metrics

  • Question: Are there any specific deliverables or metrics of success that are important to you?
  • Purpose: Tailors content to meet defined targets.

Finalizing Fit and Expectations

  • Question: What does an ideal partnership look like to you, and how do you see us potentially working together?
  • Purpose: Envisions a successful collaborative relationship.

Content Aspirations

  • Question: Can you provide examples of content you admire or aspire to emulate?
  • Purpose: Understands their quality expectations and style preferences.

As you conclude your next discovery call, reflect on the answers provided and trust your instincts. If the values align, the expectations are clear, and the professional respect is mutual, you’ll have all the ingredients necessary for a successful and fulfilling partnership. Happy discovering!

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