How to set up Quickbooks automation with your CRM for automation

Setting up automatic invoices and reminders doesn’t have to be a tech headache.

In fact, with a few simple steps, you can make QuickBooks do the heavy lifting for you, sending out bills and follow-up emails without you lifting a finger.

Here’s how you can get started:

Start by utilizing QuickBooks’ own email options or easy automation tools like Zapier, which requires no coding and connects QuickBooks with your email provider.

Set triggers for when invoices and reminders should be sent and draft clear, personalized email templates for various communications.

Although not essential, a user-friendly CRM like HubSpot can elevate client management and communication. Tags categorize clients (e.g., ‘late-payers’, ‘VIP clients’) enabling targeted communication. For example, ‘late-payers’ might receive more frequent reminders.

Once everything is set up, keep an eye on the system to ensure it’s working smoothly and yielding positive client interactions.


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