Financial Review

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If posting in the given order of the posts, we are moving on from your people, both clients and team to your finances. It’s important to know your numbers so you can make decisions about operations, payroll, marketing, sales, and more.

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Are you dodging your end of year financial statements? Does the thought of reviewing them make your cringe?

Think of your end of year financial statements like an annual health check up. You wouldn’t want to put it off, would you?

Knowing your numbers is an empowering, necessary action that will provide you with information to move forward in your business. When you know your numbers, you can make decisions about operations, payroll, marketing, sales, and more.

Go ahead and print off your income statement, your balance sheet, and profit and loss statement. It’s time to look at the numbers.

One of the most important and profitable is sales numbers. Sales numbers give insight into the effectiveness and popularity of your product or service. Sales numbers are important for all types of businesses, no matter what industry you’re in.

Your financial standing extends to your marketing and these numbers give insight into the effectiveness of your marketing. Do you numbers show that you need to make changes here?

Additionally, from an operational standpoint, reducing your expenses is one of the best ways to increase your net profit.

Here are some tips to do so:

1. Take a close look at your operations and tech stack, and see if there are any areas where you can cut costs. Is the software you are currently using the best for the job? Can another software do it better and for a better price?
2. Evaluate the products and services you are investing in, and see if there are any that you can do without. Remember there are essential products and services, and some that are just nice to have.
3. Review your fees, and see if you can negotiate better terms with your vendors or use a different one all together.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that your business is as lean and efficient as possible, which will help boost your bottom line.

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Have I convinced you to dive into your financial statements and review the different areas your money is going? By analyzing your income, expenses, and net income, you’ll have a better idea of how to spend your money. This will give you peace of mind in knowing where your money is going, allowing you to make changes in the future, and you’ll also know how to plan for the future!

Promotional (posting to your page, group, or profile; direct, promotional call to action):
To dive into the financial statements of your business and figure out where your money is going, you’ll need to start at the top of your income statement. This reveals your revenue and expenses.

From there, you should move to your balance sheet, which reveals your assets and liabilities. This is where you’re able to determine if you’re a profitable company or have more liabilities than assets.

If you’d like help with this, reach out to us. We help you create a plan as you allocate your budget for the future and connect you to trusted financial advisors.

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Share progress photos of your financial review. You don’t have to show the details, but show what you are doing and how you feel as you go through the process.

Note: Be sure to insert into the copy any specific offer/promotion/resource that you have in your business pertaining to this topic (i.e masterclass, freebie, live training, service/product. Make the copy more unique to you and how you can support your current and prospective clients!

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