Client Onboarding and Values

Describe your onboarding process and how it reflects your values.
Template: “From the first hello, [Value] is at the forefront. Here’s how…

**Check out the example below to get an idea, but it’s your real-world experiences that will truly engage your audience. Use the example as a starting point, then tell your own story—one that’s genuine and showcases the values of your brand.


Let’s talk about onboarding and values — because first impressions matter! Recently, I enrolled my children in a virtual school. The flexibility was perfect for our active homeschooling lifestyle, but the onboarding process? Far from it.

In our first interaction, it became clear: organization and efficiency weren’t priorities. Communication was a mess — generic emails sent across different time zones to parents of various programs with no clear guidelines. The result? Confusion, frustration, and a lack of clear expectations.

From a requirement for a formal letter from our ‘farm and forest school’ to ambiguous participation policies, it was chaos. No handbook, no invoicing schedule — we were left in the dark. And after opting out, we still received reminders for events we were no longer part of!

This experience taught me the true cost of poor onboarding. As a business, your operational systems must mirror your commitment to efficiency. Without it, you risk overwhelming your clients and tarnishing your brand.

That’s why, from our first ‘hello,’ organization and clear communication are non-negotiable. We set expectations upfront, personalize onboarding for each client, and ensure our systems are in lock-step with their needs.

Why? Because stepping into a new venture is big. It’s about embracing change and respecting the emotions that come with it. Our promise is to make that transition seamless.

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