Client Evaluations

Post Intention:
If posting in the given order of the posts, we are moving on from your team, and focusing on your clients. People are the biggest and most important part of your business so we want to review both your team, and your clients as you prepare for strategic planning in the new year.

Starter Copy:
As we all know, people are the most important part of your business.

Feedback from clients is one of the most valuable tools you can use to help improve your business. It can help you identify areas that need work, show you where you can make changes, and provide valuable insights that you can use to improve your business.

Asking for feedback also shows your clients that you care about their experience and that you’re willing to make changes to improve it.

As you reflect on the past year and plan to set or improve upon business goals for the new year, it’s important to consider feedback from your current clients.

Taking this valuable input into account can help you make much-needed improvements as you welcome new customers into your business.

Send Off:
Non-promotional (perhaps in a group or if you don’t want a direct call to action):
Sending an email to your current and past clients asking for feedback is a great way to get some insight into how your business is doing. Creating a form with specific questions and leaving room for additional feedback will help you get the most responses possible. We love using Typeform, Qwary, VideoAsk, or JotForm!

Promotional (posting to your page, group, or profile; direct, promotional call to action):
Let us help you put together a client feedback process that works for your company. We’ll work with you to make sure that it’s executed flawlessly.

Hashtag Options:

#evaluations #peerreview #clientreview #clienttestimonials #businessimprovement

Photo Suggestions:
Show a picture of a feedback form from one of the softwares above (Typeform, Qwary, VideoAsk, or JotForm). Or do a quick loom without even talking through it, less than 30 seconds and show off your review/feedback request form. People love behind the scenes!

Story Suggestions:
A positive review is always the best advertisement you could ask for – it’s more personal and relatable than any post you could make about your business. Share one on your Instagram story to show your followers how great you are!

Note: Be sure to insert into the copy any specific offer/promotion/resource that you have in your business pertaining to this topic (i.e masterclass, freebie, live training, service/product. Make the copy more unique to you and how you can support your current and prospective clients!

If you would like to make a working copy of this content in Google Sheets where you can make edits in your own document, feel free to use this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XgpjDnsZkn3swgfGAQ8qY9Af55q6A5cv63fwFKiCrm8/copy

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