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Course Workflow Wizard
Email Signature
Group Banners
The Course Launch Pack Social Posts
The Business Plan Blueprint
The Course Companion Workbook
The Lead Magnet Template Tool
Event Covers
Module Covers
The All-In-One Slidedeck

The Templates you need for your course creation at your fingertips

Here's What's Inside

The LEad Magnet Template Tool

 A 60-page customizable Canva template that you can easily edit to fit your brand’s style and needs. The template includes sections for checklists, challenges, roadmaps, and informational content, as well as a workbook area for participants.

The All In One Slidedeck

This template will help you create a professional and visually appealing presentation for your business, including sections for information about the presenter, the topic, tools and resources, and a call to action for next steps to work with your business.

The Business Plan Bluerint

A 100 page customizable template that you can use to document all aspects of your business, including details about you, a mission and vision statement, an elevator pitch, information about your team and suppliers, details about your operations and logistics, and descriptions of your products and services.

The Course Companion Workbook

A 39-page workbook includes a variety of customizable templates, including space for course content, a checklist for tracking your progress, action items to help you stay organized, a recap section for review and reflection, and ample space for participants to take notes and write in their own ideas.

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