Behind the Scenes

A day in the life post showcasing how your values influence daily business operations.
Invite engagement: “How do your values guide your daily decisions?”

**Check out the example below to get an idea, but it’s your real-world experiences that will truly engage your audience. Use the example as a starting point, then tell your own story—one that’s genuine and showcases the values of your brand.


7 AM: The morning rush gets everyone to their respective places. Efficiency is key.

10 AM – 2 PM: Client work takes the stage. I focus on delivering value and quality with every task.

2 PM – 3:30 PM: School pickup time. Every conversation with the kids is a reminder of why a flexible career matters.

3:30 PM – 7 PM: Some days, it’s horseback riding for the kids. For me, it’s a moment to breathe and plan.

6 PM: Dinner is our family’s checkpoint, where we connect and refuel.

8 PM: Kids’ bedtime. Then, it’s housework or prepping for tomorrow. Every action is intentional.

Late Night: Back to business, working in the quiet. It’s about doing what it takes, even in the still hours.

Non-work Days: We might be hiking, living fully in the moment, away from all work.

Your Turn: How do you manage your daily tasks alongside your personal values? Share your routine.


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