Automate Post-Purchase Requests with Typeform

Imagine if every time a customer made a purchase, they automatically received a neat little form asking about their experience…and you didn’t have to lift a finger?

You can use Typeform to automate this sort of feedback in your business.

Here’s how to get started.

Sign up for Typeform and navigate to “New Typeform”.  Choose a template or start from scratch.

Then ask your questions followed by a thank you at the end.

Wondering what questions to ask?

Use these to get started!

  • Gauge their overall happiness: “How satisfied are you with your recent purchase?”
  • Understand their journey: “How easy was it to navigate our website?”
  • Dig into specifics: “How would you rate the quality of [Your Product Name]?”
  • Learn from issues: “Were any problems resolved to your satisfaction?”
  • Peek into the future: “How likely are you to shop with us again?”
  • Listen to their stories: “What did you love most about our product or service?”

Show your clients that their voice matters.

Who is automating this sort of system in their business already?

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